June 2020

Ultra fast fibre broadband is now live and available throughout New Crane Wharf.

We have Fibre To The Premises, also known as FTTP or “Full Fibre” - ie fibre all the way from the exhcnage into your flat. This is currently the highest-speed fibre you can get.

Now the network is connected and live, Openreach will inform ISPs who offer FTTP that New Crane Wharf is connected. Any lessee can then order fibre connection from any of those ISPs. The ISP will then arrange for the connection to be completed from the box in the hallway into the flat.

Some well-known Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do not yet offer FTTP, but the list of ISPs offering FTTP over the Openreach network is expected to keep growing.

Openreach list all the ISPs currently offering FTTP over their network on their website:



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