Service Charge

The services at New Crane Wharf are paid for by a Service Charge. This is due twice-yearly in June and December and, for the protection of all residents and leaseholders, any non-payment is vigorously pursued. If you think you will have problems paying on time, please speak to Gavin Owen at KFH before the payment is due to avoid legal proceedings.

Intruder and Smoke alarms

Every flat has an intruder alarm and a heat/smoke alarm. If triggered these sound in New Crane Wharf Reception  alerting the duty Building Managers who will provide assistance. These alarm systems are regularly maintained as part of the Service Charge.

See  Fire Action

Parcels and Deliveries 

The Building Managers can take in packages and signed-for post, which you can collect from New Crane Wharf Reception, and they can also accompany tradespeople to your flat by arrangement, if they have a spare key and know your alarm code.

Car Park

Each flat has an allocated space in the underground car park, accessed from Wapping Wall. 

Please wait for the gates to close behind you, and don't tailgate others though the gate. 

Damage or theft from the car park rarely happens but, when it does, it is nearly always as as a result of someone not waiting for the gates to close and thereby allowing someone to follow them in. 

Bays are solely for parking vehicles. Residents are not permitted to use parking bays for the storage of any personal items including petrol, oil, paint and other flammable goods.  

The storage of such items is extremely dangerous and in the event of a fire, if it were discovered that such items were the cause, the buildings insurance may be jeopardised. 


Pets are only permitted at the discretion of the Freehold Company or Managing Agent. If a Pet Licence is granted it can be revoked at any time if the Building Manager or Freehold Company receives and substantiates any noise or nuisance complaints against the pet(s).

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