Bike racks are provided in various locations around the garage and residents must use these racks for the storage of all bicycles. We would also encourage residents to purchase a secure lock or locks to ensure the safekeeping of their bicycle. 

The Freehold Company will not be liable for the loss of any bicycle from these racks. Bicycles mustn’t be stored in any of the common areas outside of the racks provided. Should staff find any one in breach of this, they will be asked to move their bicycle to one of the racks provided. 

Bikes that appear to have been abandoned will be tagged and, after a reasonable period, removed and disposed of. 

Building Insurance

The Service Charge covers the general building insurance elements. However, as residents, you are responsible for everything within your own flat (including the doors and windows). This includes the plumbing to your flat.  Leaks and other overflows can have a devastating effect on those living below you.

Exterior & Common Areas

This is a Grade 2 listed building in a Conservation Area. Residents mustn’t hang anything from any window or on any balcony - clothes, washing, plants, lights etc., - that are visible from the exterior of the building. It’s also not permitted to fix an aerial, satellite dish or burglar alarm etc. to the outside of the building.


The common areas of New Crane Wharf are cleaned each weekday, and the bins rooms are also emptied daily during the week.

The carpets in the corridors and staircases are regularly cleaned. Re-carpeting areas of the building, when necessary, forms part of the ongoing maintenance programme.

If you’re concerned about any aspect of the common areas please speak to the Building Managers.

See also Rubbish and Recycling

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