Moving In and Moving Out

To avoid disturbance and inconvenience to other residents, there are restrictions on when vehicles can enter the Courtyard;  no cars, vans or other vehicles can be brought onto the Courtyard between 6pm and 8am Monday-Friday,  before 9am or after 1pm on Saturdays, and not at all on Sundays & Bank Holidays.

New Crane Wharf from beach -

Lifts must not be overloaded, as this can be a considerable cost to the Service Charge. Please don’t prop doors open and leave them unattended.

Please use the Lift curtains, available from the Budding Manager, to protect the interior of the lifts and take care not to damage the common areas of the building during a move.

Please let the Building manager know at the earliest opportunity of a planned move, so they can help ensure your move goes smoothly without inconveniencing other residents.


It’s unacceptable to cause a noise nuisance at New Crane Wharf, and everyone’s lease makes this very clear. We are all expected to consider our neighbours and avoid making a nuisance through unnecessary noise.

Your lease forbids making any noise which disturbs your neighbours - playing a musical instrument, TV or stereo  - between the hours of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. Please do consider others in the building and keep noise to a minimum during these hours.

If you have a case of noise nuisance, contact the Building Manager in the first instance. They’ll investigate and contact the offending resident with a request to reduce the noise.

Television and Satellite

A terrestrial system is wired to each flat and is maintained as part of the service charge.   

A communal satellite system has been installed and is owned and maintained by Community Vision.  Residents wishing to connect to this system should contact Community Vision  direct on 01892 722887.  There is an installation and annual charge payable to Community Vision for this service.

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