Dave Cork

Building Managers & NCW Reception

New Crane Wharf is run day-to-day by the Senior Building Manager, Dave Cork. Dave has been our Building Manager since 1991. Most days, he can be found in New Crane Wharf Reception (sometimes also referred to as the Porter's Lodge), which is in the Courtyard on the right as you enter. Dave is supported by a team of building managers, and there are always two on duty, day and night. 

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The Duty Building Manager can be contacted 24 hours a day on 020 7488 3463.  

Dave Cork can be emailed at

You can also call New Crane Wharf Reception from the entry phone in your flat. 

WITH THE HANDSET ON THE HOOK, press the "KEY" button - you'll hear a beep, and then the Building Manager will call you. Pick up the handset when it rings.


New Crane Wharf is rightly regarded as one of the most secure and safe developments in London. The estate is covered by high-quality CCTV, which is monitored and recorded 24/7 to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour.

Residents are reminded to be vigilant and ensure they aren’t followed through gates into the courtyard, doors into your part of the building, and most especially the doors into the car park. Please don't hesitate to challenge anyone doing so or, if you’d rather, report it immediately to the building manager.

Keys & Fobs

Access to each block, and to the courtyard out of hours, is by fob. Replacements and spares  can be supplied by the Building Managers for a fee of £10. The fobs also allow entrance and exit from the carpark. 

The pedestrian gate into the Courtyard is locked from 6pm-6am.

If you lose your fob, please tell the Building Managers as soon as possible so it can be cancelled.

The Building Managers can securely hold spare keys for flats and it’s recommended that you leave one at the Building Manager’s Office so that access can be gained either when you request it or in an emergency.

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