New Crane Wharf Freehold Ltd (NCWFL)

The original developer of New Crane Wharf was Heron Homes Limited. In 1995, sixty seven of the lessees formed New Crane Wharf Freehold Ltd (NCWFL), to purchase the freehold from Heron Homes. Since then, further lessees have become shareholders.

NCWFL has the responsibility of maintaining the structure of the buildings and providing the services as detailed in the leases.

All shareholders of NCWFL are people who have leases on flats within New Crane Wharf.

Any leaseholder can become a shareholder, and thereby own a stake in the freehold of the building. Shareholders may extend their leases to 999 years and receive a reduction in their ground rents.

The Directors of NCWFL are all shareholders.The Directors meet regularly to consider the business of running this large and prestigious development, and the provision of services detailed in your lease.The Directors are not paid.

The current Directors are

Lucy Johnson - 2, Blyth's Wharf, Narrow Street, London E14 8BF

Julian Perry - 11 Mace Close, London E1W 2JX

Lars Sindberg, 140 New Crane Wharf 

Bill Quarterman, 105 New Crane Wharf

Company Secretary services are provided by KFH whose office is also the address of NCWFL's registered office

The Annual General Meeting of NCWFL is normally held in January or February each year. At the meeting the Shareholders vote on approving the accounts of the company and to elect or re-elect directors.

Following the AGM, there is usually an open meeting for all lessees and residents - shareholders or not - at which they can discuss current issues with KFH and the directors.

If you are interested in becoming a Shareholder, there is more information here

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