The Building Managers

Dave Cork

24 hour cover is provided from the New Crane Wharf Reception.

The senior member of staff is David Cork who is normally on duty between 5am & 4pm Monday to Friday. Outside these hours he is on call to the members of staff on duty.

There are two members of staff on duty during the day, and two at night. The Reception Office can be contacted using the entry-phone in your flat:

WITH THE HANDSET ON THE HOOK, press the "key" button - you'll hear a beep, and then the Porter will call you. Pick up the handset when it rings.

You can phone New Crane Wharf  Reception on 020 7488 3463.

You can also email Dave Cork 

Building Management Team

Dave Cork, Senior Building Manager

Daytime Weekdays

Kevin McCarthy

Daytime Weekends

Richard Bruce-Mingle

Frank Long

Nights Weekdays

Richard Coale

Higino “Gino” Figueira

Nights Weekends

Shakill Ahmed

Mohammed Ali

Cleaning & recycling

Dave Hogan

These are the normal shift patterns only - staff sometimes cover other shifts. Correct at time of publication. 

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